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10 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Hotel

To stay competitive and ensure the best possible experience for your guests, you’ll need to upgrade your hotel periodically. The question is, how often should those upgrades happen? 

The recommended time frame for a hotel upgrade is five to seven years. However, there are signs that can indicate it’s time for an upgrade, and paying attention to those signs will help you stay competitive while providing an outstanding experience for your guests that will keep them coming back. 

Let’s take a closer look. 

Ten Signs It’s Time for an Upgrade

1. It’s been over five years since your last upgrade

Did you know there’s a timeline for when you should upgrade different parts of your hotel? They’re separated into categories: soft and hard renovations, restrooms, and technological advancements.

Soft upgrades should be made every five to seven years. This includes getting new drapes, bedspreads, furniture, and rugs. After five years, these will be worn out. Upgrading them will help your guests feel like they’re in a new hotel, even if other parts haven’t been upgraded in a while.

Hard upgrades refer to upgrades that should be made every 11 to 14 years. These upgrades include bedding, carpets, guest room fixtures, and millwork. These upgrades should be made to the entire hotel, not just guest rooms. 

Guest restrooms can go up to 16 years without being updated. These updates are usually more extensive and involve converting tub showers to showers and similar upgrades. You’ll also want to stay on top of technological advancements. Instead of making these every five years, you should keep them continually updated as often as possible. These upgrades include TVs, remote working areas, and wifi connectivity.

2. Your carpets are dirty and worn out.

Keeping new, clean carpeting in your hotel will help guests feel more welcome. It’s not just about appearance, either. New carpeting suggests cleanliness and hygiene. You want your guests to feel like they’re staying in a clean place.

3. It smells dingy.

If your guests walk in and notice a less-than-pleasant smell, they might not want to stay. While air fresheners can provide a temporary solution, you’ll ultimately want to replace whatever is causing the bad smell so your guests breathe fresh, clean air.

4. Your faucets are leaky.

Faucets that are old and leaking need to be replaced. Not only will the dripping sound aggravate guests, but you’ll pay for every drop of water that comes out of the faucet. Your water bill could be much higher than usual.

This could be an issue with your plumbing, or it could be a sign of an old faucet that needs replacement. Sinks, toilets, and showers should all be maintained and looked after. Poor water pressure is also an issue to be aware of, as this would make your guests’ showers less pleasant and can indicate plumbing issues.

Overall, guest bathrooms are an important part of any hotel room, and keeping them well-maintained will encourage your guests to stay at your hotel again.

5. Your light and appliances are no longer adequate.

Whether your guests are watching TV, working remotely, or even reading a book, they want to be able to see adequately.
We recommend LED lights for your guest rooms, whether you install lamps or overhead lighting. You should also pay attention to the lighting in public areas of the hotel, as guests may want to spend time in these areas.

6. You notice mold or signs of mold.

Mold is unsightly and extremely bad for your health. Seeing mold in your hotel will deter guests from wanting to stay with you again. If you notice mold in bathrooms, it’s most likely due to excess moisture.

However, you can also find mold in carpeting, on the walls, by air conditioners, or in any areas that have been exposed to water damage or high humidity levels. You’ll want to call a mold restoration company to ensure that the mold is properly removed and that it doesn’t resurface.

7. Your HVAC system is old.

Whether your HVAC system includes units in rooms or thermostats on walls, you want your guests to be able to control the temperature in their room comfortably.

Some guests will want their rooms warmer, while others will enjoy sleeping in cooler temperatures. Because of this, whether your system is in-unit or a thermostat, you’ll want to ensure that guests in every room can control the temperature. This may mean updating your HVAC system.

8. Your furniture is outdated.

Part of the luxury of staying in a hotel is that guests can relax on furniture that’s nicer than their own. Not only is it a matter of comfort, but it’s aesthetically pleasing to see new furniture.

Ensure that furniture is up-to-date in your lobbies, conference rooms, party rooms, business centers, breakfast rooms, restaurants, pools, and fitness centers.

9. There are cracks in the walls, tiles, or floors.

A crack suggests that your property is outdated and run down, even if this isn’t true. The longer you go without repairing cracks and chips, the harder it will be to fix the damage.

Not only that, but guests could injure themselves by tripping on a crack in the floor, which could be a liability for your property. Repairing cracks as soon as they’re noticed is the best plan of action.

10. There are bad reviews.

Guests usually leave reviews only if they’re exceptionally happy or disappointed in their experience while staying at your hotel. If you notice good reviews, that’s a sign that you’re doing well.

But, if you notice reviews that could be better, this is a sign that you need to upgrade your hotel. Pay specific attention to what the reviews say, and make upgrades in accordance with them.

Guests will see that you are listening to feedback and will be more likely to stay at your hotel again once they know it’s been renovated. 

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