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8 Reasons to Hire a Turnkey Service for Your Multifamily Building Renovation

When you undertake a multifamily building renovation, your work is cut out for you. Coordinating the contractors, materials, and construction days for a multifamily renovation can be challenging, especially if it isn’t something you are familiar with. 

Your best efforts can produce results, but there will also be a massive learning curve that could slow you down, which isn’t great if you’re in a time crunch. 

In many cases, handing off the management of your renovation project to a turnkey service professional can work out for you in many small ways. Here are eight of the most significant reasons you should hire a turnkey service for your multifamily building renovation.

1. Outsourcing the Process Saves You Time

Hiring a turnkey service is excellent for first-time multifamily homeowners and seasoned real estate professionals alike. 

Overseeing the renovation of a new real estate property in your portfolio is an excellent way to eat up time, but are there other things you can do with that time? Those in the real estate industry know how fast and high-stakes things can be. Once you have the property, you are set.

Instead of using your time and energy to oversee the renovation of a space, consider sharing your plans with a turnkey professional and handing off construction and renovation responsibilities to them.

2. Turnkey Services Know the Order of Operations

When you hand off your project to a turnkey organization, they have the benefit of knowing how to handle operations from start to finish. 

Project management can be expensive if you don’t understand the renovation and construction process well. Bringing in contractors out of order can be a costly and time-consuming mistake.

You get the benefit of avoiding these pitfalls, especially if you are still new to managing construction projects.

3. They Have Established Relationships With Contractors

Unless you’ve been working on renovating and building your own developments for a while, you probably don’t have a fully developed network of contractors to work with.

Turnkey professionals have been working in the construction industry for years or decades. Most, if not all, will have a close relationship with trusted contractors who have maintained their relationship by providing good work and quality results.

When you hire a turnkey professional, you don’t get just one person or group; you get access to their network of trusted colleagues.

4. They Are Good at Finding the Right Materials

Do you know where to go to get high-quality materials? Most construction management professionals do!

You want your multifamily building to be durable so that when you rent or sell units, you can get the best price for your investment. This isn’t just about the design elements but the structural integrity of your build.

Low-quality materials risk devaluing the worth of your projects with imperfections.

5. They Have Experience Working Around Problems and Setbacks

Problems are inevitable during the construction process. Maybe the right materials are no longer produced, or a contractor falls through on their commitment. 

There’s little to worry about when this happens. Experienced project managers deal with these pitfalls all the time. They can make minor adjustments, including finding adequate replacements for unavailable materials or discontinued products.

Their versatility and creativity make a great asset during a process so involved as construction and renovation. 

6. They Know When To Notify You and When To Solve Problems on Their Own

Have you ever dealt with people who can’t make minor decisions without consulting you? 

You may appreciate the overcommunication, but this also eats up a lot of your time. Many experienced contractors know what details are essential to communicate. They understand the budget and the kind of leeway you have to address problems.

Working with a competent person who respects your boundaries and knows when a problem is too big to be addressed alone is valuable for you. Because of them, you’ll have the time and energy to focus on other projects without the small distractions caused by an unsure project manager.

7. They Can Save You the Stress of Learning the Process From Scratch

Have you ever managed a large-scale remodeling project? Perhaps you’ve done individual renovations before, but building or renovating a multifamily building is a much larger project.

Managing large-scale logistics is a massive undertaking in accounting and supply chain management. You need to know when to move the money and when. 

On top of the accounting, you need to be aware of the progress of your project. If you order too many materials too soon, you will be left with materials clogging up the workspace, slowing the progress of your project.

8. Turnkey Service Project Managers Help You Finish on Time

Any massive project is going to take time to complete. The bigger the project, the more likely it is to finish over time and budget. 

These problems are inevitable. While finishing exactly on time and under budget is possible, it is highly improbable. Planning for a contingency where your project isn’t completed in optimal circumstances is best. 

One advantage of hiring a turnkey service is their experience wrapping up a project. They can help you minimize the time it takes to complete the project and can help steer your project in the right financial direction, keeping it close to budget.

The longer it takes to complete your project, the more time elapses where your project isn’t making any returns on your investment. These tricky financial circumstances are easier to navigate with the help of a professional project manager and turnkey service.

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