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Your Multifamily Building Kitchen Remodel Checklist

To remodel the kitchens in your multifamily building, you’ll need to create checklists to ensure everything happens in order and on time. We recommend two checklists – one for before you start the remodel and another list for each section of the kitchens in your building. 

Either way, we want the process to go smoothly, so here is your ultimate checklist for your kitchen remodel. 

Your Checklist Before You Start

  • Set priorities and expectations. You know you want a kitchen remodel for your multifamily building, but what exactly do you want?
    Are you opening up space, so your tenants have more breathing room? Changing the design to be more modern? Getting new appliances for a general upgrade? You can anticipate a general timeline for your remodel based on how extensive it will be.
  • Set your budget. Knowing how much you can spend on your remodel will help you determine what to prioritize: space, appliances, paint, etc. Don’t forget the prices for the smaller elements like kitchen cabinet knobs, as these can add up over time.
  • Choose your color palette and design style. You might want a fresh look, but you’ll want your color palette and design style to match the rest of the apartments in your building. It doesn’t have to be detail-for-detail, but you want it to be cohesive so that it all goes well together.
  • Get your materials, appliances, and permits. As you shop for what you need, look for eco-friendly, energy-efficient options to reduce costs and be more environmentally friendly.
    It’s a good idea to purchase everything before you begin the remodel. Remember that you’ll need specific details like dimensions for appliance purchases.
  • Plan out logistics. Getting a head start is the best way to ensure everything runs smoothly. It might take time for appliances to ship. Local contractors could be booked out for months. How many apartments will you remodel at once? What will you do to protect the rest of your multifamily building from the dust and noise that comes with remodeling?
  • Anticipate obstacles. Ask yourself what could come up. Do you need new hood vent pipes? What energy sources will the new ovens use? Will gas lines need rerouting? Will existing wiring work? Will the appliances fit through the doorway? Where will you store the appliances and materials before the remodeling starts?
  • Create your timeline. List everything that needs to be done in the order that it needs to be done. Don’t be afraid of scratching items off your list if something can’t be done until later. 

Your Checklist for Each Section of the Kitchen
Now that we’ve discussed what to do before you begin remodeling, let’s go over the options for each section of the kitchens in your multifamily build. 

  • Cabinets. Are you replacing cabinets or refacing them with new doors? Will you paint or stain the cabinets or leave them unfinished? Will you pick custom or pre-made options? What style door do you want? Shaker, glass front, bead board, flat front, etc.? Do you want the drawers to close softly? Do you want shelving, drawers, or pull-outs for your cabinets?
  • Countertops. Kitchen countertops are one of the centerpieces of the apartment. Do you want granite, quartz, wood, laminate, marble, or tile? Do you want a solid color or a patterned countertop? Do you want the edges to be square, rounded, or a different shape?
  • Island. What type of kitchen countertop do you want? How do you want the sink and the cooktop laid out? Do you want barstools around the island?
  • Sink. What type of finish do you want? Porcelain, stainless, or cast iron? Do you want a sink with one or two bowls? Do you want a farmhouse, undermount, or drop-in sink?
  • Backsplash. Should it be tile, stone, or another material? What colors and patterns do you want?
  • Floor. Do you want to keep or replace the flooring? If you replace it, will you use wood, tile, or vinyl plank? What color and pattern will you choose?
  • Faucet. What type of finish do you want? Options include stainless, nickel, brass, bronze, or black. Do you want the hose to be separate or integrated? Do you want a single-handle or a multi-handled faucet?
  • Oven. Do you want a range, cooktop, or wall oven? What about gas or electricity? Popular finishes include white, stainless, black, or colored. Decide how many burners you want and how wide the oven should be.
  • Microwave. Do you want the microwave in the cabinet, under the stove, or free-standing? What type of finish do you want?
  • Vent hood. You can mount the hood on the wall, under the cabinet, on the island, or without a duct. Check the width and decide what type of finish you want.
  • Refrigerator. You can choose from french doors, side-by-side, bottom freezer, and top freezer options. Do you want to place the ice dispenser inside or outside the door? Should cabinets surround the refrigerator, or should it be free-standing? How wide and deep should the fridge be?
  • Dishwasher. What type of finish should the dishwasher have? Stainless, white, or black? Will there be two or three racks? Should the dishwasher be integrated?
  • Lighting. Options include pendants, ceiling lights, and more. Finishes include satin, black, brass, and bronze.
  • Trash. Do you want your tenants to keep their trash inside the cabinet or have it free-standing?
  • Cabinet hardware. You can install knobs or handles. They can be brass, brushed nickel, black, bronze, etc.
  • Window treatments. What overall feel do you want the kitchen to have? Curtains, blinds, shutters, or bare windows will dramatically affect how your kitchen feels, so think carefully about the type of window treatment you pick for the kitchens in your multifamily building.
  • Wall color. Decide what wall color and trim paint color you want.
  • Pantry. Decide whether to have a closet or cabinet shelves as a pantry. 

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