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Your Multifamily Building Bathroom Remodel Checklist

A bathroom remodel can be the perfect way to give your multifamily building a new look and feel without making many changes. Whether you plan to make minor changes or completely remodel your bathrooms, having a checklist can greatly assist you in ensuring that the remodel goes well and gives you the desired results. 

Without further ado, let’s look at that checklist. Then, we’ll go through the different sections of what you might need for each section of your bathroom remodels. 

Your Checklist for Beginning Remodeling

  • Set a budget. This will help you decide how extensive to make your renovation. If your budget is smaller, consider upgrading smaller details, which we’ll discuss more below. A new vanity might be just the touch you’re going for.
    But if your budget is bigger, you can get extensive with your upgrades. You may want to convert all the tubs to showers and upgrade the lighting so that all your multifamily bathrooms are brightly lit.
  • Measure your space. Whether it’s a new vanity or a shower-tub conversion, you want to ensure that your space will fit the changes.
    Measuring your space before you begin will ensure that your conversion goes according to plan. The last thing you want is to take out an old vanity only to discover that the new one won’t fit in the allotted space.
  • Choose your color palette and design style. Are you putting a fresh coat of paint on your walls? Choosing bathroom fixtures to go with that new paint? We recommend picking a color palette and design style to give your bathrooms a cohesive look.
  • Get your materials and permits. Talk to your manufacturers to ensure they have the materials you need for your bathroom remodel. Look for eco-friendly options where you can and for moisture-resistant materials, as this will help prevent mold from growing in your tenants’ bathrooms.
    Decide whether you want to upgrade the bathroom fans, electric heaters, etc. You’ll want to get the materials and any necessary permits from your city or county before you begin the remodel.
  • Plan logistics. Depending on how you rearrange the bathrooms during the remodel, plumbing may be required for the toilet or shower if existing pipes aren’t there. If you need plumbing, schedule it with your plumber so you can begin on time. You’ll also want to schedule your contractor.

The last steps in planning logistics include getting all your materials shipped and sealing off other rooms to prevent dust and noise from interfering with daily life. 

  • Anticipate what could interfere with your remodel. Some projects go perfectly, while others don’t.
    Sometimes it’s a matter of luck when everything goes according to plan. But preparation is even better. That way, if something goes wrong, you know how to navigate through it and complete your bathroom remodel.
    Some questions to keep in mind include the following:
  • Do I need to replace the subfloor?
  • It fits the dimensions, but will it fit through the door?
  • Can I use existing wiring, or does it need to be redone?
  • Do I have inspections scheduled for the right dates throughout the project?
  • Create a timeline. To be able to answer that last question, you need to have a project timeline, which you can create as you get everything scheduled. You can also ask for timelines from the contractors you hire for the remodel.
    As you create your timeline, make sure that everything is scheduled to be done in order. For example, you wouldn’t paint before caulking and must install the shower before putting all the tile flooring in.
  • Think creatively. Adding unique elements to your bathrooms will make your multifamily building stand out positively. Think wallpaper, wall patterns, paint colors, beadboards, etc.
  • Find the water shutoff valves. The last thing you want is a leak, so turn off the water before you begin your remodel. This will be easier if you know where your water shutoff valves are. 

Your Checklist for Each Bathroom Section

Now, let’s look at the key elements of your bathroom and what your upgrading options are:

  • Vanities & Sinks. Of course, the vanity, sink, and faucet are the biggest elements of a bathroom that your tenants will pay attention to.
    But smaller details matter, too. Those details can elevate the bathrooms, giving them a distinct look. Think of the vanity lights, bathroom mirrors, medicine cabinets, sink drains, bathroom faucet valves, and P-traps. 
  • Showers & Tubs. The key elements are your bathtub/shower and the system used to operate them. You can also change the floor and wall tiles, showerheads, bath fans, shower and tub drains, tub faucets and fillers, and rough-in valves. 
  • Lighting. Your first thought will be the vanity lighting, recessed shower lighting, and flush mounts. But don’t forget the switch plates, dimmers, outlets, and light bulbs. 
  • Toilets & Bidets. The key categories here are toilets, bidets, and toilet seats. You can also consider over-the-toilet storage, toilet paper holders, bathroom wall shelves, toilet levers, flanges, and wax rings.
  • Flooring & Tile. You’ll want to pay the most attention to the floor and wall tiling or non-tile options and the backsplash. Remember that tile trim, grout, and accent tiles can make a difference, too. 
  • Finishing Touches. As you’re finishing the remodel, think about what finishing touches you can make to make the bathrooms look nice. Ideals include hardware sets, cabinets and drawer pulls, bathroom storage and shelving, vanity mirrors, towel storage, and medicine cabinets. 

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