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Top Benefits to Upgrading Your Commercial Cabinets

If the kitchen in your facility looks a little bit dated, upgrading your commercial cabinets might be all the change you need. New cabinets can offer increased visual appeal, more space, and a better layout to fits the needs of your property. 

The kitchen is an essential part of any commercial space. It is the heart of the home in any multi-family or apartment building. It’s where tenants gather to cook and spend time together. 

Kitchens in hotels provide food and comfort for weary travelers, and those in assisted living facilities serve those who can no longer care for themselves. And the cabinets in these kitchens are critical to their appearance and functionality. So if yours are looking a bit worse for wear, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

The cabinets in your commercial bathrooms and storage spaces could also profit from an upgrade. Here’s a look at the top benefits you’ll experience when you upgrade the cabinets in your commercial building.

1. More Space

“Too much cabinet space” is never a complaint you’ll hear from any tenant. Upgraded commercial cabinets will offer so much more space to be filled with pots and pans, food, utensils, and anything else that kitchen cabinets require to keep running smoothly. 

Dated cabinets that are too small are an eyesore, not to mention impractical. Nobody wants to live or work in a cluttered and uncomfortable environment. Upgrading your cabinets to a high-quality option that fits your space and your needs is a much better option than simply making do with what’s already there.

2. Appearances Matter

Imagine the cabinets in your commercial building being in your home. Would you feel comfortable having guests come over, knowing they would see them? If your answer is no, upgrading your cabinets is a must—appearances matter, both in the home and commercial spaces. And if your building is looking dated or unappealing, that doesn’t send a good message to the occupants and guests. 

Sure, you can try to paint over the old wood cabinets to change the appearance, but painted cabinets won’t last long in a commercial environment. You’re much better off saving your money for new, high-quality cabinets that will make a lasting difference in the appearance of your building.

Customized cabinets can be made to fit any design style. You can have them made to match your existing countertops, or you might choose to upgrade those too while you’re at it. Custom cabinets offer the flexibility that ready-to-install cabinets can’t match. You can design them to fit your space perfectly, work how you want them to, and look like a million bucks. 

3. Tailor Your Cabinets to Your Needs

Suppose you purchased your commercial building from somebody else or are repurposing an existing building to be something else. In that case, there’s a good chance the existing cabinets aren’t going to work for what you need them for. Converting a retail store to a restaurant, for example, is going to need an entirely new set of cabinets. Sure, there are already some cabinets in place. But if you try to work around what’s already there, you’ll quickly find yourself in tight quarters that don’t work well.

It might seem unnecessary to upgrade your cabinets when already existing cabinets are there, but trust us. It will be well worth the effort. Each commercial use is unique, and custom cabinets can make all of the difference in how your space functions. 

4. Added Value

While it’s true that you won’t see your money back on most building upgrades, new cabinets can add value to your property. Cost/value estimates found that upgrading the cabinets in a minor kitchen remodel has a 72% return on investment. If you spent $25,000 on new cabinets, your property value would increase by around $18,000. So you may not see every dollar back in increased value, but it’s nice to know that it’s not just a sunk cost. 

Upgraded cabinets can also be a selling point to tenants and other building occupants, making your building more marketable. You might even be able to charge more for rent if you have high-end touches like new cabinets, quartz countertops, beautiful fixtures, and luxury sinks. 

5. Increased Satisfaction

There are a million reasons to upgrade the cabinets in your commercial kitchen, but ultimately, it all boils down to satisfaction. If you look at the current cabinets and cringe, your tenants and customers are surely doing the same thing.

Updating cabinets can change the way you look at your building. It’s like driving a car with the check engine light on. Even if you know what the problem is, it makes you feel like the car is a piece of junk every time you get in the driver’s seat. The car might not even be very old and have plenty of life left, but that little light on the dash has you convinced it’s a junker.

Dated or poorly functioning cabinets can have the same impact on your facility. Giving them an upgrade is like fixing whatever is triggering the check engine light. You’ll finally be able to have pride in your building and see the beauty and purpose that it serves rather than feeling like it’s old and ugly. And if you feel better about your building, you can bet those who spend time inside it will too. 

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