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Everything You Need to Know About Shaker Cabinets

When you are researching cabinet options for your multifamily complex, you might stumble across shaker cabinets. 

Shaker cabinets are known for their sleek simplicity. Their bare-bones design is standard across all shaker furniture. These cabinets are ideal for those looking for a minimalist style.

This cabinet style is very versatile, which is why it has remained popular for hundreds of years. 

Origins of the Shaker Style Name

If you look up images for “Shaker Furniture,” you will likely find pictures of furniture reminiscent of the early days of American Colonialism. 

The tables, chairs, dressers, and other common furniture pieces look extraordinarily plain. The reason for this has to do with religiosity as much as practicality.

The Shaking Quakers, commonly known as Shakers, are a sect of Christianity that originated in England during the late 1700s. They came to the then-American colonies after their leader felt inspired to start a presence in the new world. 

In the early days of their establishment, they adopted the core tenants of simplicity, honesty, and utility. They strove to incorporate these values into every aspect of their lives, including how they built and maintained their homes. 

The most popular furniture piece designed by the Shakers is the ladder-back chair. This was designed primarily for function. They were made of common pine wood, which made them lightweight. Shakers were known to hang them on pegs in their home when cleaning or when they needed the space for other things. 

The simplicity and utility of the Shaker style caught on and became popular in the early days of the United States. Shaker-styled furniture could be found in many homes, churches, and meeting halls throughout the new United States. 

By the mid to end of the 18th century, design elements that were once only affordable to the wealthy became available at lower prices, allowing more people to diversify their furniture. Although shaker furniture was eventually phased out of everyday use in design, its influence continues in various interior design elements today. 

Shaker Cabinets in Interior Design

You might already have shaker cabinets or have seen the style at a friend’s house, hotel, or rental property. Its simplicity and versatility make it a very common design element. Even though it is an almost unremarkable feature in homes, the Shaker style remains one of the most fashionable ways to build and feature cabinets.

It is not flashy or intrusive. The Shaker design is very good at allowing a piece of furniture to melt into the ambiance of a room. This makes it suitable for almost every style of home design. 

Of course, Shaker cabinets aren’t good for every theme. If you are looking for a more eclectic or bohemian theme for your home, Shaker cabinets likely won’t cut it. These cabinets do not draw attention to themselves and are not known for being a fancy or luxury style. 

How Shaker Cabinets Fit Into Design Today

The Shaker cabinet design still goes well with many design styles. Here are some ideas of styles Shaker cabinets are made for.

  • Contemporary – The current fads of interior design elements use a lot of straight lines and minimalistic features. Although the elements of contemporary design will fade and newer, flashier ones will take their place, Shaker cabinets still mesh well with current trends. 
  • Modern –The clean and simple aesthetic of the modern style uses simplicity to accent the bold. The clean lines of Shaker cabinets limit their attention so that other home features can take the spotlight.
  • Minimalist – If there is one style shaker cabinets were made for, it is the minimalist style. Everything about this style channels simplicity and utility and spurns excess. The Shaker style is the epitome of minimalism. It is built for function and little else. If you need a minimalistic cabinet for a streamlined look, Shaker cabinets are about your best option.
  • Scandinavian –Like minimalism, the Scandinavian style doesn’t allow for distractions. It is an effortless style that focuses more on function than fashion. The crisp and unobtrusive angles of shaker cabinets have a utilitarian feel that molds in with the ambiance of the rest of the decor. 
  • Industrial – The industrial style looks open and slightly rugged. The main idea is to make a home look slightly like a renovated warehouse or office building adapted to home living. Shaker cabinets fit in well here because their plain utilitarian design could conceivably be found in a warehouse or office space.
  • Coastal – If you’re going for a coastal feel for your home, you’ll likely want shaker cabinets or other cabinets with a minimalistic design. The coastal style is bright, crisp, and open. Your cabinets should not attract attention away from your shore-themed decor.
  • Japandi – Another great use for the Shaker style is in the natural and minimalistic Japandi style. This style utilizes straight lines and a simpler, more natural approach to home design and furnishing.
  • Transitional – Using Shaker cabinets in a transitional design is a little more difficult. The style is clean and crisp, but installing more ornate cabinets may be more in line with this style. It depends on how you are trying to incorporate different design elements into your home. It’s possible to use Shaker cabinets, but it isn’t always optimal.

Physical Characteristics of Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are simple in their design. 

The doors of shaker cabinets are composed of one to five slats of wood. Typically, there is one main slab with four edge slats. Wooden versions can be sanded and refinished if you decide to alter your style.

Their simplicity allows these cabinets to be used in many different styles. If you ever decide to go with another style in the future, you can save yourself the trouble of remodeling your kitchen!

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