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9 Things You Need in Your Hotel Room Kitchens

When designing your hotels, don’t forget the details that should go into your hotel room kitchens. Whether your hotel includes basic kitchen supplies or a complete kitchenette, several things should go into your hotel room kitchens. 

Your guests might be having a fun getaway or be part-way through a long trip. Either way, they want to enjoy their stay in a comfortable environment, which means having the right supplies on hand. 

This blog covers everything you should have on hand for your hotel room kitchens. Keep reading to learn more. 

Overnight vs. Extended Stay Hotels

Generally speaking, there are two types of hotels: overnight and extended stay. There are basic supplies that every hotel room should have, but a hotel room with a kitchenette should include cooking supplies. 

Many guests who book extended-stay hotels plan to fully use the kitchenette, so they’ll rely on you to provide them with the cooking supplies they’ll need to make themselves meals. While they might eat some meals out, a certain comfort comes from a home-cooked meal. 

Replicating that in a hotel room is essential for business executives and families alike, no matter why you stay in an extended-stay hotel. 

Overnight Hotels

For a kitchen in an overnight hotel, you should have the following supplies in each hotel room kitchen:

  • Microwave. While this might seem like common sense to you, many hotel chains don’t include microwaves in individual hotel rooms. Instead, there’s at least one microwave in the main lobby where guests can go to heat up their food. This is not ideal. After a long day of travel or tourism, the last thing your guests want is to leave the comfort of their room and make themselves look presentable enough to go to the lobby to heat their food. Plus, there’s the inconvenience of carrying hot food back to their rooms and remembering to bring their room key with them without it being close to their phone and getting deactivated. By simply having a microwave in each hotel room kitchen, this whole problem is solved, and your guests can quickly and efficiently heat food without leaving the comfort of their room.
  • Refrigerator. This is another common sense item that many hotels overlook. It’s not uncommon to bring snacks on a road trip or have leftovers from a meal. When returning to their rooms, guests need a place to store foods that require refrigeration. 

Not having a refrigerator in your hotel room kitchen will dampen your guests’ experiences and possibly cause their food to spoil. And no one wants to use a shared refrigerator when someone might steal their food. By having small fridges in individual rooms, you’ll solve this problem.

  • Coffee machine with supplies. While only some guests will drink coffee, having a coffee machine in your hotel room kitchens will be convenient for guests who drink coffee. After all, coffee is the go-to wake-up drink for millions of Americans.
    Not only should you have the coffee machine, but you should also have supplies that go with the machines, including coffee pods or bags of ready-to-go coffee beans (depending on what type of machines you have), filters, stirrers, and plenty of cups. You can stock paper cups, mugs, etc.,
  • Sink. Not every hotel room has one, but every hotel room should. It’s not the most sanitary to use your bathroom sink for everything. Having a separate kitchen sink is especially helpful if you need to dump out cold coffee, add water to your beverage, rinse things out, etc. 

Extended Stay Hotels

Those are the basic supplies you should have in every hotel room kitchen, but there are many more supplies you should keep in hotel rooms with a kitchenette.  

  • Dishes. While your guests can eat off paper plates and bowls, the quality isn’t the same as having sturdy dishes that won’t have liquids seep through and make a mess. Plus, many people don’t want to eat out of a to-go container. The option to transfer food from the to-go box to a plate or bowl is a great option.
  • Silverware. In addition to having dishes, you’ll want to have silverware. Your guest will strongly prefer a sturdy fork or big-mouthed spoon over using plastic utensils that easily break.
  • Basic cookware. We’re talking about mixing bowls, baking pans, a saucepan, a couple of pots, and some baking trays. You’ll also want to include a spatula and a serving spoon to transfer food from the pan to the plate. Basic supplies like these will elevate your guests’ experiences and make them feel more at home.
  • Stove/oven. Of course, essential cookware naturally goes on the stove. You’ll want a stovetop in your kitchenettes that allow your guests to cook food. This is great for guests who want to grab food at the store and cook it on the stove.
    Not every kitchenette comes with an oven, but we highly recommend including one, as this will score you major points over your competitors who don’t have ovens in their hotel room kitchens. Your guests will appreciate having an oven to cook a frozen meal or bake treats.
  • Dishwasher. Having a dishwasher in your hotel room kitchens will allow your guests to feel even more at home because they won’t have to clean their own dirty dishes. The dishwasher is the finishing touch that will complete your hotel room with a kitchenette.

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