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6 Best Countertop Options for a Multifamily Development

Whether you are the owner of a new multifamily development or are building one, here is what you need to know about countertops.

Each type of countertop comes with its advantages and disadvantages. After analyzing your most important goals, it may surprise you to discover which countertop matches your needs best.

The best countertops for multifamily homes:

  1. Quartz – Durability, low maintenance, strength, antimicrobial
  2. Granite – Durability, strength, aesthetics, stain and heat resistance
  3. Soap Stone – aesthetics, heat resistance, durability, low maintenance, repairable, light maintenance
  4. Tile – affordable, aesthetic, customizable, heat-resistant 
  5. Solid Surface – mid-tear, affordable, customizable
  6. Laminate – affordable, antimicrobial, customizable 

What is so unique about multifamily developments?

According to the Library of Congress, a multifamily development is a structure that makes multiple separate housing units in the same building or within the same complex. These can include condos, apartments, or townhomes. 

Contractors responsible for building multifamily developments need to outfit a lot of different units at the same time. The demand for a large quantity of projects requires contractors to buy in bulk.

The best options for multifamily developments are things that you can replicate easily. Customized features such as concrete countertops aren’t practical for use in multifamily developments. The countertops featured in this blog are the best for facilities with repeated floor plans. 

Features of the 6 Best Countertops for Multifamily Developments

Before committing to one type of counter, you should consider all the options at your disposal. 

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is one of the most sought-after materials for countertops. This artificial stone is made from a mixture of resin and raw materials that make this countertop one of the toughest and most sustainable materials on the market. 

These countertops will last your residents years. They do not chip and can resist stress that other countertops do not. These are low-maintenance countertops that don’t require any routine touch-ups.

These countertops are the best for frequent tenants. They can take a lot of abuse and remain in excellent condition, even after being around for decades. 

They have very few disadvantages. Some quartz countertops have been known to stain or fade in color when exposed to lots of sunlight. Quartz countertops are scratch resistant but can still suffer some mutilations from a sharp knife and persistent cutting. Generally, they are great countertops for places with high tenant turnover. 

Granite Countertops

Granite remains a staple of modern kitchens. It is tough, sturdy, and hearty. These countertops last for decades with the proper care. Their toughness is rivaled only by quartz, newer synthetic materials, and a few precious gems. 

These countertops are cut whole from quarries. They aren’t pieced together like tile and aren’t made from a composite combination like quartz countertops. These facts are part of the reason granite is still appealing. 

This material is heat resistant, so there are no worries about burning or damaging your counter with hot items. Granite resists scratching and keeps its color through the years. 

Its primary disadvantage is the need for annual or semiannual treatment to ensure the granite doesn’t gain any openings. Without a protective layer, granite can stain and gather bacteria very quickly. 

Despite these issues, granite is very reliable to use as a long-term solution for housing needs. 

Soap Stone Countertops

If you are looking for a countertop that can easily hide scratches and stains, you should go with a soapstone counter. 

Unlike other stone countertops, soapstone can be sanded down to remove impurities. Soapstone is relatively soft compared to harder counters like granite. This softness makes it more pliable and less liable to break. It also makes it more susceptible to scratches. 

When you need to repair a soapstone countertop, you can do so with sandpaper and oilcloth. Instead of expensive repairs and replacements, facility owners can keep some light materials on hand and fix their countertops when necessary. 

Like granite, soapstone is a solid stone that is heat resistant. You don’t have to worry about burning the surface! Its nearly smooth surface makes it difficult for bacteria to grow, meaning it’s easy to keep safe and clean.

Purchasing soapstone can be very pricy. However, the ease of repair and the classy look soapstone acquires as it ages could outway the cons for many owners.

Solid Surface Countertops

Another affordable option for big builds would be to install solid surface countertops. This type of counter can act much as a soapstone counter can. It is made from artificial compounds that can be sanded down and repolished for a fresh, restored look.

Solid surface counters are made from a single piece of material, giving them an aesthetically seamless look. These are more impact-resistant than laminate or tile counters but offer no protection against heat. 

Tile Countertops

On the lower end of the quality spectrum is tile countertops. Tile can be customized to match any design. It is easy to create unique patterns but just as easy to use one color.

Tile counters are durable and high maintenance. They can be made from many types of materials to make a good design for just about any space, but the grout between tiles can stain easily. 

Otherwise, tile is a great option! It is heat resistant, affordable, and customizable.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate is the most affordable option for countertops – and probably the most common.

Most laminate countertops are merely synthetic veneers covering wooden panels. They are popular for their cost and customizable appearance. The veneer can have designs that match well with any decor. 

Their affordability is due in large part to their relatively fragile nature. Laminate counters scratch easily, do not withstand heat, and aren’t very impact resistant. Damage, once inflicted, is there to stay. 

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