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6 Benefits of Using Wholesale Cabinets in Your Apartment Building

Wholesale cabinets are an excellent choice for your apartment building. Whether you’re working on the kitchen, bathroom, or another part of this multifamily build, choosing wholesale cabinets comes with a host of benefits that you should know about. So, before you go to the store and pick from the available options, take a few minutes to learn about wholesale cabinets.

As it turns out, that’s exactly what we’re discussing in today’s article. We’re explaining the difference between retail-bought and wholesale cabinets and why you should use wholesale cabinets in your apartment building. 

Keep reading to learn more. 

What Are Wholesale Cabinets?

When you go to the hardware store to purchase cabinets for kitchens, you’re paying more than you should! To earn a profit, these stores mark up the cost of the cabinets by as much as 60 percent. It keeps them in business, but it costs you way more than you should pay when you can go directly to the source and save that 60 percent.

Purchasing your cabinets wholesale means you buy them directly from the supplier instead of from the retail store that carries that supplier’s cabinets. You’re eliminating the middleman. 

Now, let’s look at the benefits. 

6 Benefits of Using Wholesale Cabinets

  • Wholesale cabinets are steeply discounted. As we’ve mentioned, you can save as much as 60% on wholesale cabinets. On the lower end, you’ll save up to 40%, making wholesale cabinets an excellent way to save money while building your apartment complex.
    You can get more cabinets in your budget or save money if you don’t need more than your initial order.
  • There’s a wide variety of inventory. Retail stores only have room for so much inventory, so they stock their bestsellers to make the most profit. But there are far more options available than you see at the store.
    Wholesale cabinet manufacturers have endless options. You can choose from wide varieties, allowing you to pick out the perfect cabinets for your apartment building.
  • Wholesale cabinets are of higher quality. You might think you need to purchase your cabinets at a retail store to get the highest quality, but this is not the case. It’s the opposite. You’ll get the highest quality by ordering directly from the manufacturer.
    Wholesale cabinets are made with premium-quality materials that won’t easily break. They are as high quality as the most expensive option at the store because of that 40 to 60% markup we mentioned earlier. Meanwhile, if you were to purchase an inexpensive option at the store, you’d get a cabinet made with less-expensive materials that, as a result, is of lower quality.
    So, save money without compromising the quality of your apartment building cabinets by purchasing your cabinets wholesale.
  • There’s expertise from industry professionals. Wholesale manufacturers employ experts to deliver the high quality we’ve discussed. You get that expertise at every stage when you purchase your cabinets wholesale.
    You’re getting expert care from the artisans, interior designers, and customer service reps. Your apartment building will have superior-quality cabinets that won’t break down easily or require constant maintenance.
  • You can purchase bulk inventory for your apartment building. Instead of buying a few cabinets at a time as you can afford them, the pricing of wholesale cabinets allows you to purchase them in bulk. You can get all the cabinets you need at the same time.
    Having your inventory on-site will make the construction process go by faster so you can open up your apartment building for tenants much sooner.
  • There are often discounts like free shipping. Discounts often abound with wholesale suppliers. From free shipping on order minimums to subscription programs, you can get a host of savings from ordering your cabinets from a wholesale supplier.
    When looking for a wholesale supplier, look for one that offers programs and discounts, especially if you plan to order often as you continue to build more apartment buildings.

What to Look for in a Wholesale Cabinet Supplier

Now that we’ve amped up wholesale cabinets, let’s discuss what you should look for in your supplier. It might take you a few tries to find the right supplier to work with long-term, but finding that supplier will save you time and money down the road. 

  • Look for variety. While all wholesale suppliers will have some variety, not all suppliers are equal. For example, one could have five types of a particular cabinet style. But another supplier could have triple that. The more variety, the better.
    Look at the types of cabinets they offer, the materials they use to make those cabinets, whether they have a warehouse, and how large their showroom is. These are all excellent factors in determining whether that supplier has the variety you want.
  • Look for professionalism. You’ll want a wholesale supplier with a good workforce, knowledge, and professionalism.
    You want them to have enough employees so their service remains uninterrupted during busy times. You need them to know their cabinetry to guide you through the purchasing process. And you want them to be professional in every interaction with you.
  • Look for good customer service. There’s always the chance that you’ll have questions throughout the ordering process or that something will go wrong after you’ve purchased your cabinets. Good customer service will get you through these situations quickly.
  • Look at their reviews. Customers usually only leave reviews if the service they’ve received is awful or excellent. If you see mostly good reviews, that’s a good sign that you’re looking at a high-quality wholesale cabinet supplier. Bad reviews could indicate that you should look somewhere else. 

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