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7 Kitchen Decisions That Need to Be Made for Your New Multifamily Build

The year 2022 is seeing some unique trends that affect new multifamily builds. As more millennials and gen-z begin renting, their living preferences will cause shocks in the market, phasing out less-preferred housing.

Here is what builders need to know about the new generations and kitchen preferences going into 2023.

  • Functional Flooring
  • High-end phase-out
  • Countertop Space and Durability
  • Cabinet Space
  • Open or Closed Design?
  • Smart Tech Integration
  • Natural and Artificial Lighting

As we get further into the new decade, these elements will become more important for tenants. Keep an eye out!

1. Functional Flooring

Carpets look and feel nice but are very high maintenance.

New renters see the value in flooring that looks nice and is very easy to clean. Carpet flooring looks nice but can be difficult to clean, especially when you live with pets. Allergens, dust, hair, and other small things can become trapped in the carpet. This causes problems for new tenants and the landlord, who has to arrange a cleaning crew. 

Many new developers are opting for low-maintenance flooring options like floating hardwood floors or similar hard-topped flooring. These are easier and cheaper to clean. Instead of using vacuums and carpet cleaners, you can do most cleaning with a broom and spot mop.

Hard floors are great for pet owners too. Dog messes can stain the carpet and leave a lingering odor. Hard floors aren’t as porous as carpet is, so cleaning up animal messes is much easier. 

Overall, new renters are drawn to floors that look fashionable and easy to clean.

2. High-end Phase-out

Some developers think their renter’s base wants more luxury goods: maybe fancier lighting fixtures, more elegant cabinets, or an open and bright bathroom. 

These luxury features work very well in attracting the eye, but they are starting to turn residents away.

Most people enjoy luxury items, but not enough individuals enjoy luxury enough to consider it a necessary expense. Most luxury features are expensive to install, maintain, repair, or replace. 

Millennials and gen-z are gravitating toward a more simple fashion. This could be, for example, swapping out a marble floor for floating hardwood or tile flooring. Some in the newer generation may enjoy a greater luxury appeal. Still, many or most of the newer generation want something modern that looks good, functions well, and is inexpensive.

3. Countertop Space and Durability

Many single millennials are choosing to co-opt housing. Instead of paying for an expensive apartment, the plan is to rent a home or space with some peers. Most living spaces are shared, and renters typically get their own room.

Shared space splits the costs but drives up the need for more space in the kitchen. Having lots of countertop space is crucial for locations desiring to cater to co-opted rooming. 

As many people are co-opting units, the wear on furniture can be pretty hard. Many low-end countertops won’t be able to take the kind of wear and tear a tougher counter could. 

If you want your multifamily build to last, equip it with a sturdy countertop that will last years. Many low-end countertops can’t support much weight and burn or get scuffed and scratched with everyday use. Quartz, concrete, and granite countertops are great options for keeping your units in good repair for years to come.

4. Optimize Cabinet Space

If multifamily homes will increase the need for counter space to accommodate more adults, the same is true for kitchen cabinets. 

Kitchen storage always seems to be in short supply. Many multifamily building developers make the mistake of creating small kitchens. These are unattractive for most renters as many will struggle to find adequate space to store their food and kitchenware comfortably. 

A generous amount of cabinet space, determined by what you believe the needs and desires of your average renter are, will help convince your potential customers of the value you have to offer. 

5. Open vs. Closed Design

A trend in home design is making rooms more open. Instead of enclosing a kitchen area with a bar, many developers are pushing their kitchen elements into the corner to free up the center of the room for the resident’s pleasure. 

There is no one way a kitchen should be designed. The open vs. closed design should match every room style. It can be a great tool to fill in extra space or free up space in an already cramped room.

6. Smart Tech Integration

The more generations grow up with a cell phone in their hand, the more they will become reliant on their phone for everyday living. This may sound like a cliche or a dig at younger generations. What we mean to say is that newer generations have embraced a culture of automation and adaptability.

Many members of the younger generations are already used to using these devices for good.  Smart devices can help save money and energy. They can also make home security easier to monitor and manage. 

Many younger renters enjoy high-tech integration and see it as a way to consolidate and simplify their home life. 

7. Natural and Artificial Lighting

Mental health is discussed more among millennials and gen-z than older generations. In these discussions come conversations about a person’s environment. 

Lighting plays a significant role in the happiness and well-being of many people. As such, it should be something that is well considered in the planning phase of a multifamily build. 

Be sure your residence is flooded with natural and artificial lighting to keep the occupants bright and happy.

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