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What Kind of Cabinets Should I Install In a Multifamily Development?

Investors building, selling, and renting multifamily developments need to strike the balance of building a beautiful home at an affordable price. 

Designing and installing cabinets can be a challenging ordeal, especially where so many options are available. Determining what kind of cabinets you should install for your new development starts with evaluating your goals:

  • Are you picky about the materials you use?
  • Do you prioritize higher prices and higher value or functionality?
  • Would you rather order your cabinets in bulk or one unit at a time?
  • Do you prefer a sleek modern design or a homey classic look?

Once you understand what you are looking for, choosing styles and materials becomes much more manageable.

Choosing the Right Type of Cabinet

Cabinets are the primary way to store food and supplies in a kitchen and bathroom. Understanding the use of the area will help you determine what kind of cabinets to include in a design.

Base Cabinets

Every countertop needs support. Cabinets provide storage space for valuable items and keep counters, sinks, and everything else off the ground. 

Some counter materials require more support than others. Knowing which materials cabinets need to be able to support is essential to getting the correct cabinets for your development. 

Whatever the countertops are made from, base cabinets can contain a mixture of different cabinet doors and functions. 

Pantry Cabinets

Do your development’s future residents want a lot of space to store food? You may need to install pantry cabinets to satisfy this need. Pantry cabinets are usually tall and include many shelves and space to store food and bulky kitchen items. 

This style of cabinet requires a lot of space. Cabinets can make a great selling point, especially if they optimize the storage space in a kitchen.

Wall Cabinets

Homeowners will store most of a home’s dishes and supplies in the cabinets above the countertop. These are known as wall cabinets because they attach to the studs in the wall. They make use of the otherwise useless space above a kitchen countertop. 

Wall cabinets can serve a second function: storing food and dinnerware. As an added feature in the kitchen, you can have lighting installed below the cabinets. Cabinet lighting can be aesthetic, functional, or both! 

Cabinets Drawers

Most homes include drawers for storing cutlery and other cooking utensils. Carpenters will install most of the drawers right below the countertop. 

Cabinets with drawer installations are essential for kitchens and bathrooms alike. Overlooking these in your cabinet design could be enough to push potential renters and buyers away from your property.

Corner Cabinets

When you try to maximize the room you have in your kitchen, corners may prove difficult. Utilizing this area doesn’t need to be difficult. There are options for making use of this space.

Many wall-mounted cabinets will simply extend the storage space between the two sides and have a side door slightly diagonal from the normal right-angles we typically see in base cabinets.

Cabinet Materials

The materials used for building cabinets are what drive the highest cost. Thanks to businesses’ streamlined efforts to improve existing products, many options exist for supplying beautiful cabinets at affordable prices. 

Medium Density Fiber – MDF board

Artificial wood made of wood waste and resin is one of the most affordable cabinet installation options. MDF board, also known as hardboard, is a highly versatile material. Getting custom alterations done is often more affordable with this wood as opposed to using harder woods. 

The MDF board’s structural quality is not as good as other woods but can still make a great kitchen cabinet!

Particle Board

Most of the affordable cabinet options are made from particle boards. This material is another wood made from wood waste and adhesives. This wood isn’t often used as a complete product. 

It usually requires a more visually pleasing material like wooden veneers or laminate to complete the design.  

This wooden composition can be weakened relatively easily with water exposure. It also may not be able to hold the weight of stone countertops. This material may be suitable for areas that require less durability, like a bathroom or laundry room. 


Next on the list is another artificial wood. Altering layers of wood secured with adhesive make the tough synthetic wood known as plywood. Overall, plywood is more robust and lighter than particle board. Cabinets made from plywood will last longer than other artificial woods.

Like other woods on our list, Plywood isn’t a standalone wood. Its layered construction makes it difficult to mill like solid wood. You can expect to need some finish to complete the cabinet. 

Solid Wood

The final option for cabinet material is solid wood. Solid wood cabinets are often the most expensive but are also the most durable. This material uses more natural wood and creates more wood waste, but the quality is unmatched. 

Because woodworkers can mill solid wood, making custom designs is more feasible. Costs for custom cabinets from solid wood will often be much more expensive than using cabinet alternatives.


Cabinets using artificial boards will need a finish applied to the surface to make them look presentable. 

Finishes are applied to the surface of your cabinet. They are attached using a high-quality adhesive that keeps them from peeling and chipping. Finished cabinets can match almost any color scheme, making them an affordable and attractive option for big projects.


Laminate finishes are standard for lower-end materials. This finish adds color and stability to the cabinet wood. Depending on where your cabinets are needed, this could be a great option when trying to limit costs.

Wood Veneers

The best finish on a cabinet uses natural wood. Veneers give the appearance and feel of solid wood without the costs. This durable finish is perfect for developers looking to install cabinets with an authentic look, a longer lifespan, and lower costs.

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