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What is the Most Durable Countertop for Rental Properties

If you own a commercial rental property, you will probably want to select the most durable countertop for each unit. As a general rule, you should try avoiding installing a countertop that could easily be damaged or destroyed by an average resident.

Not all countertops are created equal. Based on your budget allotments, you can have countertops installed that are little more than wood and laminate or as durable as quartz.

The upfront cost of a countertop isn’t the end of your problems with your rental property. You could say that when construction stops, maintenance starts. When your building has new tenants moving in, you will need to start worrying about keeping your property looking good.

Installing the lowest-costing material may save you tens of thousands in upfront construction costs, but these are not typically investments that have long-term dividends. Installing lower-quality materials may require more frequent maintenance or replacements. 

What Makes a Countertop Durable?

Before investing in a countertop, you should know what makes a countertop good. It is helpful to analyze your expectations as a business owner and evaluate what will bring you the most satisfaction. 

Here are some of the essential attributes to consider before deciding which countertop to install:

  • Will your countertop crack, dent, or chip?
  • Does it scratch easily?
  • Is the material reasonably stain-resistant?
  • Does the material foster microbial growth?
  • Will your countertop withstand heat?

Here is what you need to know about each characteristic.


One of the essential features of a countertop is its ability to take physical abuse. Kitchens and dining rooms are high-traffic areas where many heavy objects will be moving in and out. 

Your countertops should be able to support the weight of heavy objects and resist chipping, denting, or cracking. Defaced countertops lower the value of your unit and can cause safety concerns with sharp edges or porous areas where microbats can fester. 

It may be best to avoid materials like non-recycled glass. Apart from being expensive and hard to find, some non-impact resistant materials are less durable; this will likely cost you more in the long run.

Scratch Resistant

One of the most common injuries to occur on your countertops would be scratching. Many people, especially renters, aren’t often considerate of the damage knives can do to a countertop. 

Most stone countertops like granite and stonelike countertops such as quartz are hardy and can withstand the edge of a blade. They are so durable that they will even dull the knives cutting them!

Lower-end countertops – like those made from laminate – can be scratched and gouged easily. One inconsiderate tenant can mark up a countertop in short order. 

Laminate is not a material that you can easily repair. If you want your unit to look clean and orderly for the next tenant, you may need to replace the counter completely.


Some materials are porous. If colored liquids are left on the surface too long, they absorb the color, making an eyesore of a stain. 

Some porous materials include untreated wood or stone and the grout between countertop tiles. Most countertop materials are stain-proof, but some, like butcher wood and concrete, may require frequent cleaning and treating to keep non-porous. 

Cleaning a stained surface can be difficult, especially if the surface is very porous. Installing a lower-end countertop such as tile may be less expensive at the onset, but due to the ease of grout staining, it may not be worth the cost to keep it looking clean after a couple of years of regular use.

Is it Hygenic?

Some countertops are, surprisingly, more hygienic than others. More absorbent materials, such as untreated wood or concrete, can harbor harmful bacteria. These are particularly bad for kitchen countertops because these surfaces are the ones most of your prep-work will be done on.

When trying to find a countertop that is as safe as it is beautiful, consider getting a countertop with a smooth and even surface. It will be more stain-resistant, easier to clean, and will also be safe to use for food preparation and serving. 

Heat Resistance

Ovens, stovetops, and microwave ovens make up the backbone of most modern American kitchen appliances. All these items have something in common: they make food very hot. 

Most people are conditioned to use hot pads while in the kitchen. But, everyone makes mistakes. If something is too hot, or there isn’t any extra room on the stovetop for a hot item out of the oven, someone may just opt to put the hot item on the counter. 

For some countertops, this wouldn’t be bad at all. Stone countertops like marble, concrete, and granite are made to be durable. They especially excel in taking heat. 

Your tenants can ruin materials made from synthetic materials with one mistake. The most notable would be countertops made of laminate. These are cheap materials that don’t take heat well. 

Products made from higher-end synthetic materials like quartz and recycled glass countertops are more durable and can typically withstand heat up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. With high-temperature tolerance, these countertops could hold and not take damage by anything except pots, pans, and baking sheets fresh from the stove or oven. 

What Materials Make the Best Countertops?

Some of the most durable countertops are made out of the following materials:

  • Quartz countertops.
  • Granite Countertops.
  • Recycled Glass.
  • Concrete Counters.
  • Solid-surface Material.

Each of these materials has its benefits and drawbacks, but they are all by and large the best materials to use in commercial buildings. Their utility comes from their hardiness and low maintenance cost. 

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