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What Sets LED Mirrors Apart?

LED mirrors are quickly becoming a staple in hotel bathrooms, office buildings, and apartment complexes across the nation. With increased functionality, pleasing aesthetics, and an improved lighting experience, these mirrors deliver on every level. But what is it about lighted mirrors that set them apart from a standard bathroom mirror? Here’s everything you need to know.

Standard Mirrors

Standard mirrors come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. The higher-end options boast increased safety features using tempered glass and laminated glass. These mirrors are chemically treated and molded so that they don’t break into sharp pieces when struck with brute force.

Base line mirrors, on the other hand, base line mirrors are made by spraying a thin layer of molten silver or aluminum onto a sheet of transparent glass. While they look the same to most people, mirrors made this way are much more hazardous when they break and are not recommended for use in bathrooms.

The biggest downside to using a standard mirror in a bathroom is that lighting needs to be considered separately. Electrical wires need to be run. Fixtures need to be picked out. Lightbulbs need to be cleaned and replaced regularly. And depending on the wall space you have, the need for lighting may limit your choices in mirror sizes and designs.

LED Mirrors

Commercial bathrooms can significantly benefit from the use of LED lighted mirrors because they combine two major elements of a bathroom into one piece. Gone are the days of choosing and installing mirrors and light fixtures separately. Now you can enjoy the modern simplicity and elegance of having a single lighted mirror be the bathroom’s focal point.

Lighted mirrors boast many added features that standard mirrors can only dream of. These features include anti-fog, Bluetooth, smart speaker, color temperature options, energy savings, and more. These traits make LED lighted mirrors a highly sought-after upgrade in apartment complexes, multifamily buildings, hotels, and more. 

Think of an old movie with a backstage makeup chair. Lights probably surround the mirror. MIrrors with light rings have been used in personal care for decades, so why haven’t they been a standard in bathrooms before now? The LED mirror satisfies that need for increased lighting for a better personal care experience.

So what is it that sets LED mirrors above all others? The beautiful, sleek, and modern design. The improved lighting experience for personal care. The space-saving features. The energy savings and sustainability. Let’s see a standard mirror try to do all of that.

Superior Commercial Solutions Is Here

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