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Commercial Countertops: What Material You Should Avoid

Whether you’re remodeling your facility or working on a new project, it’s easy to underestimate the importance of commercial countertops. They might even be an afterthought, but high-quality countertops are a staple to a commercial kitchen. 

Choosing the right material is essential in ensuring that your establishment functions appropriately and looks good while doing it. After all, image is everything when it comes to your business.

Materials to Avoid for Commercial Countertops

The countertops in your facility need to make an excellent first impression on your guests, clients, and residents. They also need to be durable and functional. Here’s a look at some of the materials that don’t make the cut when it comes to commercial countertops. 

  • Tile – Tile countertops have had their heyday in both residential and commercial kitchens, but it’s time for this material to step back down to the floor. The tiles alone would make a great countertop option, but the sealing grout between the tiles is the problem. It is a nightmare to keep clean, and it chips and breaks easily. It can also be an eyesore when it stains, and it doesn’t allow an even surface for chopping and other food preparation. 
  • Unsealed Natural Stone – Granite, soapstone, limestone, and marble can look attractive, and when they’re treated properly, they make a great countertop option. But they require a fair amount of maintenance to keep them from absorbing moisture and germs into their pores. Natural stone slabs need to be sealed regularly, sometimes as often as twice a year, to be safe to use in commercial kitchens. Avoid using an unsealed stone at all costs since it can damage the slab and quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria. 

The Best Material for Commercial Countertops

Now that you know what materials you should avoid for your commercial kitchen, here’s some insight into what material makes the best countertop. If you’re building a restaurant or a dining facility, stainless steel is the best option for the kitchen. But for any other commercial kitchen, quartz is a clear winner.

Quartz is an engineered stone that is made to be virtually indestructible so that it can withstand heavy use. It’s also visually appealing and can be made to match any design style. It’s the perfect countertop material for bathrooms and kitchens in student housing, hotels, multifamily buildings, and other commercial projects. 

Superior Commercial Solutions Offers the Best in Quartz Countertops

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