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What to Look for in Commercial Cabinets

There’s a lot to consider when you’re buying commercial cabinets for a kitchen or bathroom remodel in your facility. Budget, style, quality, size, and material all play an important role in determining what cabinets are right for your space. This guide will help walk you through the basics of choosing new cabinets so you can feel confident in your decision when it comes time to buy.


Setting a realistic budget is an important first step to choosing the right cabinets. Commercial cabinets typically account for about 30% of a kitchen remodel, so it’s difficult to pick out cabinets if you don’t have a spending limit in mind. The price of cabinets can vary significantly depending on what they are made of and whether they are custom built or not. So whatever the budget is for fitting your building with cabinets, you should be able to find something that will work.


Whether you’re buying cabinets for student housing, a senior living facility, or a hotel, appearance matters. 5-piece shaker and slab cabinets are two of the most popular styles, and you can get them in just about any material and color to match the aesthetic of your commercial kitchen or bathroom. 


Cabinets in commercial spaces usually experience heavy use, so choosing high-quality materials and construction is essential. You don’t want to have to replace them anytime soon. Look for cabinets that have a solid frame, reinforced corners, closed backs, and well-built doors and drawers. A smooth finish is also important so they’re easy to clean and maintain, and be sure they open and close easily.


The cabinet installer will come and measure your space for exact sizes, but you can help narrow down your choices ahead of time by deciding where you want your cabinets to fit and taking some rough measurements. A little bit of work on the front end will help you get more accurate estimates and give you a better idea of what kind of cabinets will work best with your space.


The list of materials you can choose for the cabinets in your building is endless, including hardwood, plywood, fiberboard, veneer, particleboard, stainless steel, and more. 

Hardwood is widely considered to be the most durable wood type, but you’ll pay a pretty penny for it. Plywood is less expensive and still quite durable, while fiberboard and particleboard don’t hold up well to regular use. Many commercial kitchens opt for stainless steel cabinets because they are extremely durable and easy to clean. They are prone to scratching, however, and can easily show fingerprints and scuffs depending on the finish.

Superior Commercial Solutions Can Help

Choosing the right cabinets for your facility is essential, and Superior Commercial Solutions is here to help. We customize commercial cabinets for student housing, multi-family units, assisted living facilities, and a wide variety of hospitality projects. We provide superior quality and service to projects across the United States, from New York City to Seattle and everywhere in-between. Contact us today for a consultation!