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Best Sinks for Bathrooms: Types and Purposes

Sinks for bathrooms come in so many different sizes, shapes, and materials that can impact the durability, maintenance, and style. 

It’s essential to understand your space and building needs before selecting the type of sink you want. Some materials are well suited for heavy use bathrooms like those in hotels and apartment buildings, while others do better with lighter use. Here’s a look at the best types of bathroom sinks and what purposes they serve. 

Types of Sinks for Bathrooms

Sinks for bathrooms are usually round or oval because of the ease of cleaning, but they can also be square or rectangle. They are often classified by how they are mounted. Undermounted sinks sit below the countertop, so there are no visible caulk lines on the surface. The other mounting option is drop-in sinks. These are installed over the top of the counter, leaving a lip resting on the countertop.

Another type of sink is called an apron-front sink or farm sink. This square or rectangle type leaves the front visible, protruding down below the cabinetry. This kind of sink gives a more custom look since cabinets need to be fitted precisely to the sink’s dimensions. 

Bathroom Sink Materials

  • Ceramic – This material is made using clay that hardens by heat. Ceramic sinks are strong and resist scratching and chipping, so they hold up well to regular use. They clean easily but don’t do well with harsh chemicals, so they aren’t ideal for office buildings or locations that are sanitized frequently. 
  • Porcelain – As the most commonly used material for bathroom sinks, porcelain is highly durable and long-lasting. It’s also an affordable and low-maintenance option.
  • Stainless Steel – Stainless steel sinks are trending right now in commercial kitchens, but they’re great for bathrooms too. They look good, resist germs and bacteria, and resist corrosion and staining. These sinks clean easily and make an excellent choice for heavy-use bathrooms.
  • Natural Stone – Stone sinks are beautiful and exude elegance, but they come with a price since each piece needs to be individually cut. They are often made with granite, marble, travertine, sandstone, onyx, and jade. Stone requires regular sealing so germs and bacteria don’t penetrate, so the maintenance is a little higher on these sinks.
  • Wood – At first glance, wood might not seem like great material for a sink. But there are a few hardwood varieties that have moisture-resistant qualities and perform well in bathrooms. Teak and bamboo sinks are commonly found in spas and other luxury bathrooms.
  • Resin – Also known as solid-surface sinks, resin sinks resemble stone. Quartz is a common type of resin sink, made from ground quartz and resin mixed to make a tough and durable surface. Resin sinks have a uniform look, and unlike stone, they don’t require sealing, so maintenance is a breeze. 


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