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What Is a Bifold Glass Door?

You’ve probably heard of sliding glass doors and swinging glass doors, but what is a bifold glass door? They are often referred to as accordion doors because of the way they fold like an accordion. The glass doors are most often used in showers, but bifold doors made of other materials are typically found in closets and laundry rooms. Here’s an up-close look at bifold glass doors, their purpose, and their advantages. 

How Does a Bifold Glass Door Work?

A bifold glass door is two glass door panels that are hinged together at the end so that when it is opened, the two panels fold together like an accordion. When the door is closed, it covers the entire opening of the shower or other door.  When opened, the panels are stacked flat against one side. The track can be located at the top or the bottom of the doors and makes for an easy, unobstructed opening.

Purpose of Bifold Glass Doors

Bifold doors can serve many purposes. The glass door is visually appealing, and the bifold function makes them very practical for a variety of spaces. Perhaps you own a hotel and want to upgrade the showers, but need something that fits in a small space. Bifold glass doors are the perfect solution. Maybe you operate a restaurant and would like to add some indoor/outdoor dining spaces. Use bifold doors to separate the patio dining from the indoor dining, and then if you ever want to open them you will have an open, cohesive space. The options are endless.

Why Choose a Bifold Glass Door?

There are a few options when it comes to choosing a shower door. The three most common styles are swinging, sliding, and bifold doors. Bifold glass doors offer the benefit of leaving the largest unobstructed opening. Sliding doors, unless they slide into a pocket in the wall, block half of the shower at all times. Swinging doors leave a large opening, but the door sticks out into the room taking up extra space. Bifold doors, on the other hand, leave the entire space of the shower open without sticking out into the room. 

Bifold glass doors are perfect for small bathroom spaces like those commonly found in condos and apartment buildings, student housing, hotels, and senior living facilities. They are easy to operate and offer an elegant appearance that can be customized by choosing different hardware, trim, and type of glass. 

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