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Commercial Cabinets: Types and Purposes

Commercial cabinets play an important role in keeping businesses and commercial spaces running smoothly for property owners and managers.

But as a property owner or facility manager, the prospect of choosing cabinets for your space can easily feel overwhelming. There are so many different types of cabinets, and they all serve other purposes and fit different budgets. 

Cabinets for commercial use can generally be divided into categories based on style, material, size, and functionality. Here’s an in-depth look at the varieties of commercial cabinetry and what purposes each fulfills.

Style and Material

Cabinets often take up a lot of room in commercial spaces, so they are a natural focal point. The style and material of the cabinets and the color have a significant impact on the feel and functionality of a space. Some of the most common door styles and materials include:

  • 5 Piece Shaker – These cabinet doors are made of five different pieces. There’s a top, a bottom, and two side pieces that fit together around a recessed panel in the center. This style is extremely popular in kitchens and restrooms. 
  • PETPolyethylene Terephthalate is a common material in commercial cabinets because of its hygienic and eco-friendly properties and its durability. PET cabinets look good, they’re easy to clean, and they hold up well in various industries.
  • Melamine – This cabinet style is highly durable and typically comes at an excellent price point, making it a popular choice for apartment complexes, student housing, and condos. 
  • Veneer – For those who prefer natural wood, veneer cabinets provide a timeless look.
  • Thermofoil – This one-of-a-kind type of cabinetry is made by heating and pressurizing vinyl onto an MDF core. They can be made to resemble real wood or any other style and are ideal for areas with high wear.

Size and Functionality

  • Wall Cabinets – Standard cabinets hang from the wall, like the top cupboards in a kitchen or classroom. They are incredibly versatile and can be made to open on both sides, fit into corners, or fill any purpose under the sun.
  • Base Cabinets – Think of base cabinets as what typically goes under the countertop. They often feature drawers and can be used under office desks (like filing cabinets), a sink, or other use.
  • Hutches – Hutch cabinets are similar to wall cabinets, but rather than hanging suspended from the wall; they rest on top of the base cabinets. These can be great for storage and are more versatile than wall cabinets because they can be moved to adjust to varying needs of the space. 
  • Tall/Full-Length Cabinets – Imagine a supply cabinet in an office building. You open the double doors of a full-length cupboard to find shelves stocked with printer paper, paperclips, sticky notes, and highlighters. Now imagine the same shelf in an industrial warehouse. The exact same cabinet could hold safety glasses, gloves, and box cutters. Full-length cabinets serve so many purposes and are great for storage.

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